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Corporate Workshops

Girls Who Glow

Girls Who Glow is a signature Eastern School of Etiquette Hybrid Program combining basic etiquette protocol, civility training and 21st century life skills in order to cultivate and inspire a culture of confidence among young ladies.

Participants will undergo hands on training in order to...

  1. Achieve a confident thought process
  2. Achieve confidence through habits
  3. Achieve the look of confidence with style and grace

This 45-minute Complimentary session is a spin off from our MGR Program and is designed to enlighten young ladies on the fact that beauty begins from within, the importance of having strong self-confidence and basic etiquette protocol.

Young Diplomats in Training

This interactive workshop is designed to impart traditional etiquette protocol, leadership development principles, and civility coaching. Our innovative approach equips youth with the distinctive edge that demands respect from adults and is truly inspiring to their peers.

Participants will undergo hands on training in order to...

  1. To increase confidence
  2. Achieve stellar dining code of behavior
  3. Achieve the process of growing leaders
  4. Develop Hosting and Co-Hosting