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Girls Who Glow

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   Signature Program
  Complimentary Session
  1 Hour

Girls Who Glow is a signature Eastern School of Etiquette Hybrid Program.

GWG combines basic etiquette protocol, character development and 21st century life skills in order to cultivate and inspire a culture of confidence among young ladies. This program will prove to be more than just about appearance, it will reveal the vital facets of developing a strong self-confidence.

Participants will undergo hands on training in order to...

  1. Achieve a confident thought process
  2. Achieve confidence through habits
  3. Achieve the look of confidence with style and grace

This 45-minute session is a spin off from our Moral Gems Refinery Program and is designed to enlighten young ladies on the fact that beauty begins from within, the importance of having strong self-confidence and basic etiquette protocol.

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