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Moral Gems & Social Grace Academy

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   Signature Program
  20 hours

Moral Gems & Social Graces Academy is ultimate etiquette and personal development program for today’s girls.

This fun, insightful and educational program combines training and events that develop self worth, self control and self respect within youth and young adults.  This program combines the Moral Gems Refinery program and the entire Etiquette Protocol Class Series.

MGSGA includes 20 progressive and hands on 1-hour sessions, a beautiful and informative training binder and concludes with a memorable certification ceremony.


  • Assess the current Character Quality Type
  • Equip with self-development and character building tools
  • Equip with entire Etiquette Protocol Series
  • Educate on the Facets of Moral Gems (ESE’s definition of Moral Gems is a person who possesses principles of right and wrong, one’s standards, showing behavior in relation to what is or is not acceptable to one’s self.)
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