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Butterlfy Purity Ball

Program Details

   Signature Program
  4 Hours Training, 4 Hours Ball

Butterfly Purity Ball is an exquisite event celebrating the inner and outer beauty of each girl.

The program was developed to inspire and support girls with their commitment to stay pure until they are united with their husband. Part of the program design is to encourage fathers & male mentors in the girl’s life to commit to her protection and guidance through her journey of purity. The Butterfly Purity Ball has proven to strengthen and build father-daughter relationships. The program further promotes physical, emotional, and spiritual integrity to guide the girls through some of the life’s most difficult challenges.

As a participant in the Butterfly Purity Ball, each young lady will develop:

  1. A strong spirit of Confidence
  2. A strong spirit of Civility
  3. A strong spirit of Discipline

Each young lady will establish a level of moral gems that will last a lifetime. The young ladies of The Butterfly Purity Ball will also engage in four empowering seminars to explore their inner & outer beauty and develop the self-confidence needed to become productive members of our society.

The program will culminate with the formal Butterfly Purity Ball including dinner, inspiring speakers, and the covenant ceremony.


  • A strong spirit of Confidence
  • A strong spirit of Civility
  • A strong spirit of Discipline