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Confident Girls

Confident Girls

  1 Hour

Confident Girls is a signature Eastern School of Etiquette Hybrid Workshop

Reveals the vital facets of developing a strong self-confidence. Providing each girl with tools to achieve a glowing thought process, healthy habits, and a poised manner of style and grace. This 1 hour interactive workshop will empower girls in feeling more beautiful, powerful, lovable, and ready to walk the runway of life with confidence.

Confident Girls combines etiquette protocol, character development and 21st century life skills in order to cultivate and inspire a culture of confidence among young ladies.

This 1 hour workshop is a spin off from our Moral Gems Refinery Program and is designed to enlighten young ladies on the fact that beauty begins from within, the importance of having strong self-confidence and basic etiquette protocol.


Participants will undergo hands on training in order to...

  1. Achieve a confident thought process
  2. Achieve confidence through habits
  3. Achieve the look of confidence with style and grace

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