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Girls Who Glow Christian Teen Summit

“The ways of right-living people glow with light; the longer they live, the brighter they shine” (Proverbs 4:18).

The Annual “Girls Who Glow Christian Teen Summit” is promised to be a noteworthy event for middle and high school girls.

This empowering forum will assist your young lady with…

Discovering her authenticity through self-reflection and scriptural insight
Developing positive relationships in school and within her community
Establishing confidence through empowering workshops and character development activities.
Applying motivational techniques to explore her value through purity
Understanding and celebrating her gifts and talents while loving the skin she’s in!

Attendees of Girls Who Glow will not only receive pertinent resources and principles for establishing a firm personal culture and foundation, but GWG Ladies will also obtain the skills needed in order to gracefully progress to their next level in life.
Parents, this summit will motivate your daughters to explore the value of sexual purity by celebrating her gifts and talents and loving the skin she’s in.

Our dynamic team of speakers includes:

Summit Agenda

Each participant will receive:
Formal Lunch

Summit Materials
Girls Who Glow bag filled with goodies
Girls Who Glow Ceremony Button
New Friends with shared values

This empowering forum will assist your young lady with…

Event Takeaways

Each young lady will establish a level of moral gems that will last a lifetime. The young ladies of The Butterfly Purity Ball will also engage in four empowering seminars to explore their inner & outer beauty and develop the self-confidence needed to become productive members of our society.